About Audio Book Monthly Rental Fees

Although audio books have been around since Dylan Thomas first recorded his poetry back in 1952 for a book on tape, renting books has only just begun to catch on, and that is why you will find a variance in the audio book monthly rental fees. Today, you will find audio book monthly rental fees that range in price and may or may not limit the number of books you can borrow.

Audio Books vs. Written Text

If you were like a lot of other kids in school, you hated reading the books that were assigned to you by your teacher. Many children choose to watch the movie instead of having to read the book that was assigned. Audio books are great for children and adults alike. Audio books can be listened to anywhere, even while you are driving in your car! They are great learning tools!

For years people have been learning languages, losing weight and more by listening to tapes. So, why wouldn’t audio books be great learning tools? Audio books can be used as a follow-along tool with written text to help your child learn to read and they can be used by you while you are commuting, cooking or just plain relaxing. It is said that our subconscious absorbs more when we hear something rather than read it. The invention of audio books has opened up many new options for people and has helped many to learn!

Children’s Book Rental

The Harry Potter tide lifted many ships and now many are looking into children’s book rentals. According to publishers, the sale of children’s hardback books rose an astounding 645% in June and even more so, children’s book rentals have soared! Because the cost of buying books has grown astronomically, many parents are looking into children’s book rental clubs in order to save money.

Children’s Book Rental Clubs

The cost of buying books, even 10 page books for your children, has grown to an astounding $5 a book and more! When you think of how people, especially children outgrow the books they read, it makes sense to borrow them instead. The library is a great place to start with your children. Many children love books at an early age and the library allows them to pick and choose what they want.

As your child grows, their tastes in reading will expand and they too, will want to read the bestsellers, like Harry Potter. The problem then arises when your local library is constantly out of the book your child wants to read. Personally, I ran into this problem just this past summer. I had a list of recommended reading for my child’s reading level and wanted her to keep up with her reading over the summer. Thus, I went to my local library and to my dismay, was unable to find one single book that was on the recommended reading list available!

After a few more frustrating trips to the library, I decided to check the Internet to see if there were other avenues I could pursue there. Much to my happiness, I found online book rental clubs that not only my child would enjoy, but I myself would. For as little as $7.99 per month, you can join an online book club and borrow as many books as you want, for as long as you want. In addition, these online bookshops have thousands of titles and they are always available! Now, both my daughter and I enjoy unlimited reading and never have trouble finding the books that we want to read!