Are you looking for an online book shop?

If you are, you are on the right track because now there are many different online book shops where you can buy books online, and borrow them! Yes, I said borrow them! These book shops are like having your own personal library right at your fingertips!

For a small monthly fee (less than $10 per month), you can now borrow books and keep them as long as you want! No more running out to the library only to find that the book you are looking for is already checked-out. No more having to hurry up and return the book – or have to face late fees! These online book stores are absolutely wonderful! Now with only a click or two of your mouse, you can order books and CD-roms and have them shipped right to your door!

Your Online Book Shop Review

Before computers and before the Internet, many people, including myself, would have to trudge to the library or local book store to get the latest, written by a favorite author. Now, all I have to do is go online and type in the author’s name and have a copy sent right to me! With a few key words, you will find that there are numerous book stores that you can access. The only question is whether or not to buy the book or check-it-out of the “library.”

When I first found out about these book shops that were online, I wasn’t sure what to think. I did some checking around and found that prices do vary from one to the other. In addition, I wasn’t sure whether it was best for me to buy the book outright or “check-it-out.” Because of this, I decided to do some research as well as some personal number crunching to see what I spent a month on my reading. What I found, was a little surprising!

There are numerous online book shops and they do differ in what they have to offer. (They all don’t have huge selections, which means that you may have to go to more than one to find more than one of your favorite books!)

Renting vs. Buying

Okay, so the question has arisen – to rent or to buy? Well first off, like me you need to decide on a few things. For instance, “How often do you read a book?” If you read at least one book a week, then you are better off renting the book. Now let me go a little further. There are some exceptions of course. If you read one book a week and buy it versus renting it, (and on average spend $5.00 on the book) then by the end of the year you will have spent $260 and will have 52 books accumulated to store somewhere in your house.

Of course you can donate these books or try to sell them for a $1 or less at your next garage sale, but the question is: “Do you really want to do that?” Look at it this way, if you borrow the book and only have to pay a small monthly membership fee, then you save on having to spend the $260 and don’t have a house full of books that you’ve read. Now, of course there will be times that you want to keep a copy of your favorite book. In such a case, buy it instead of borrowing it.

Today, you can join an online book shop membership that will allow you to borrow books and rent CD books – as many as you want and for as long as you want, as well as buy books at discounted prices! What better way is there to go? For less than $10 per month, you can have thousands of books right at your fingertips! Using the above scenario that means a savings of $140 per year! In addition, you didn’t even have to leave your house to find the book that you want to read!