Book Reviews of Smart Women Finish Rich

Book Review: It’s very helpful and mostly easy to read

Rating: 4 stars

I bought this book and found it very motivating and helpful! I am 28yrs old and have already read Dave Ramsey so I had a start on retirement savings before this book. I like how it’s aimed straight at women. It’s easy to read and makes you want to go out and find extra money to save. After reviewing my “latte factor” I found 1300 a month that I am just throwing down the drain. I have changed that habit and started to keep track of each penny. The only things I don’t like are that I still don’t feel that I understand enough about mutual funds and money market accounts to open either one. I know it’s something I should have but how do I go about it??? I also started to feel guilty about buying anything!!! I’m young and no family responsibility…I shouldn’t feel guilty if I want to treat myself to a new shirt or dinner out.

I suggest this book to anyone who is like me and looks at their 70yr old grandparents still working and thinks to themselves “I don’t want to be in that position when I am their ages”. It’s very informative, but I’m not sure that Dave Ramsey is not just as good.

Book Review: Smart Women Finish Rich

Rating: 5 stars

As a financial advisor for a major firm, I have found this book is the very best book for my women clients who want to take control of their personal lives. Finances are the number one concern of all women, especially if they are recently divorced. David Bach is easy to read and understand. I might point out that a divorced woman was the person to introduce me to this book aver eight years ago, and I now give it to all of my new clients. I also highly recommend the Finish Rich Workbook, which is what I use myself. p.s.- I wish I had written these books because they are right on the subject.