Have You Read This Book: Smart Women Finish Rich?

It was his grandmother who taught him at a very early age the value of money, and when he later grew up to discover that so many women in America did not have the same savvy, he was inspired to write “Smart Women Finish Rich”. The first 1/3 of his book pointing out how so few Americans today don’t have enough money saved to retire by age 65, usually attributed to poor financial habits and ignorance or sheer misunderstanding about how investment works. Overspending. Even wealthy high-income people come into his office financially destitute because of poor financial habits.

He explains in layman’s terms everything from a Small-Cap fund and annuities to the mistakes of leaving your IRA account to a living trust when you die. Very, very practical advice.

Best thing of all about this book: He asks the individual to address what the value of money means to them. Why would they want save all that money for retirement? Most people say security and then he asks them to define in specific terms what they mean. Answers have ranged from “Financial freedom to do whatever I want when I want and how I want” to “Having Free time to spend with my kids” to “Doing what the Lord Wants me to do.” This is a very practical book with a lot of heart which attracted Oprah’s attention. He’s been on her show twice and advices on CNN.

A must have. Don’t go without it.

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