Plan For Writing Process

I’m going to talk about process writing right now the process of writing and there’s a beginning in the middle and end that talked about it and it’s just like what you do F with anything there’s always a process to how you do it so students students who often try to write without any planning involved always have a problem right this is always a source of and you talk to anybody who’s ever had trouble and writing or who does right and they just try to sit down and they try to try to just start to get the first word down on the paper and just start from the very beginning so let’s go back to the survey that we just took right you gotta have you directions in front of you you got to have you tools there you got to have everything you need um and then you gotta have a plan about how you’re going to perceive this so those people who don’t sit down and don’t have everything they need in front of them.

And an idea about what direction they’re going to go in there going to experienced writers block right I think we’ve all been through this before when we sit down and we say okay well it’s time to write and at this point we at this point we we need to try and move forward so without a plan it’s very difficult to write so let’s take a look at what process writing is so there are three stages to promise this right prewriting is what you do before you write so in the first part before you start to write the three parts right there are there’s the prewriting and in the prewriting part you brainstorm this means getting ideas on a paper making a list of anything that has to do with the subject it can be brainstorming subject matter or can be simply it can be simply trying to get your own ideas down also another type of prewriting is called free right this is when you understand what your topic is and you’re just writing for the sake of rocking trying to get your ideas down and then there’s mapping mapping is like the graphic organizer I just showed you with the with the wrestler from Mongolia.

So in this case your mapping would be different for every kind of writing in this case the writing or narrative you see that line that goes they made with the upside down v so you’re trying to put the story in a series of events that follows a secret and if you have yourself a nice little map of what I books and then finally outline this is where this is where the sentences are and everything else everywhere everything should be in the essay all right and then we got and then we got writing so after you have your plan then you’re ready to start to write this logic is focused there’s one and all those together.