Read Useful Book Reviews: Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach

Book Review: Very Useful Book

Rating: 5 stars

Well i decided to write my essay on this book, because it has helped me very much with my finances and I highly recommend it to all my friends! My daughter was very pleased when I gave her one of the books as a present she is currently reading it.


I am 36 years old and had never had a clue about managing or investing my money properly and responsibly. This book is soooo good. It is so easy to follow and it is written in a way it doesn’t let you make up excuses for not starting immediately to take action. I am only sorry I didn’t bump into this 10 years ago and happy it is not too late for it to make a great difference in my life. I recommend this book to every woman single or married that is educated,has a good salary, and still ends up at the mall spending most of it on dumb things that are not worth anything and do not build on your future.


Rating: 5 stars

I mean it when I say do not pass this book up. There is so much useful information about investing in money that we all should have learned before we got into the workforce. I recommend he create a book for high school students that needs to mandatory reading.

David Bach is very honest and straightforward about money without being patronizing. He’s a realist and explains why it important, in fact more important, for women to take charge of their finances.

I hope you are interested in this information and will find it useful and will continue reading the rest of in in the next post. If you have any suggestions or questions please leave them in the comments section below. I am reading all of your  comments and taking them into consideration. Thank you and have an great day!