Writing Practice: Possible Writing Prompts

INSTRUCTIONS: As a class, choose a movie or two to write about. Using the following prompts and short clips from the movies, practice writing paragraphs with effective paragraph structure.

Prompt One:
Write a paragraph describing a specific movie character.

Prompt Two:
Identify an important scene and write a paragraph explaining why this scene is so crucial to the development of the plot or a particular character.

Prompt Three:
Evaluate the performance of an actor (or voice actor) in a movie.

Prompt Four:
Compare the animation or special effects in two different movies and argue which one is better.

Prompt Five:
Rate a movie out of four stars and write a paragraph-long movie review.

INSTRUCTIONS: Write three example paragraphs based on a movie or movie clip. Remember to include an effective topic sentence, organize your ideas and examples in a way that makes sense, and avoid irrelevant or off-topic details.

INSTRUCTIONS: Now choose your best paragraph. Read it with a peer revision partner and ask for feedback. Then revise your paragraph and write a polished final draft.

Use the following questions to guide the peer revision session:

1. Do I have an effective topic sentence?
2. Does everything in the paragraph support and stick to the topic sentence?
3. Are there any details I should add, or anything I should delete?
4. Are my details organized in the best way possible?
5. Could any of my sentences be changed to improve the flow of my paragraph?
6. What errors or grammatical problems do I need to fix?