Your Career Goals and Commitment

I was committed to see myself through that so commitment is what gets you through when you want to give up and also in a little while I’ll tell you about discipline because there they kind of go together commitment some of you I think I saw someone had a goal that their goal was to get all their global assistance United this year I don’t know if our network this I don’t know what the exact word was but to be able to connect the assistance in their company globally well that sounds like a great goal and a great dream and will benefit many people and I’m sure that person who told me that is very excited in and has a desire to do it. More about discipline and motivation on Edusson.

Also I want to say that it’s going to be a long journey and it’s going to be hard and there’s going to be obstacles and this person is going to have to take time from her work day to figure that out and to meet with people and to overcome the barriers and the obstacles and the resistance that’s where commitment will come through so this wonderful assistant is truly committed to making this happen that will keep her going when she maybe feels discouraged or frustrated or things aren’t moving as quickly as she wants so let me before we go on to more points let’s go back through the Spurs page and the four steps so to stay on a journey you have to monitor your progress.

That’s really important and that’s key so filling in the blank monitoring your progress is like navigating a ship it keeps you on track and focused was the word capitalizing on resources cannot achieve our goals on our own we need others we need knowledge so they’re filling the blanks you need others for their expertise guidance knowledge support was the word and inspiration it’s really important to reward yourself along the way so that you stay motivated and you stay energized so number one your reward can be something as little as treating yourself to a massage.

Number two establish your reward at the time you set your goal not at the end you can also have a mini reward along the way the next strategy is to keep in mind an exercise commitment commitment will always trump designer because you’re not always going to have a desire to put in the hard work personal commitment is extremely important and sorry I think I have an extra is in there but personal commitment is extremely important to remain motivated when you feel discouraged commitment is taking ownership and responsibility alright let’s go on why is it that other people or only 8% of people achieve their goals well here are some more strategies measure your desire for your goal and for those of you who have the reaching start of workbook that’s going to be on pages 25 and 26 so let’s fill in the blank and then I’ll talk about this a little bit more for you desire can be cultivated.